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The photo machine does not move when the car is turned on.

The photo machine does not move when the car is turned on.

2018/10/29 20:51
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Some customers' photo machines are doing large-format, high-precision printing and booting the photo machine. How can we solve this situation? Today, Jin Mingda’s Xiaobian specially interviewed the company’s R&D department and technology. The senior technician of the department, the solution to this phenomenon is as follows:

The photo  

Cause: The cable behind the power socket of the machine is loose or the fuse is burnt out.

Solution: Use a multimeter to check if the line is interrupted or if the warranty is damaged.

Cause: The stop switch line is loose or the power switch is damaged.

Solution: Check the wire ends of the two ends of the switch or change the power switch

Cause: The power cord is damaged.

Solution: Replace the power cord

Cause of failure: motherboard damage

Solution: Replace the motherboard

Cause: The power supply box is broken.

Solution: Test 24v with universal meter, 40v has no power, replace the power box

The above situation is the solution for the real machine to start the car, I hope to help you, if you have any questions, you can click on the online consultation to learn more about Jin Mingda and product information, we will have one-on-one customer service for you. Solve the problem!