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L2516 (Cloth)

L2516 (Cloth)

basic information
Product details

Product advantages:

1. Adopt Fuji Electric of Japan; it has fast running speed, high precision, stable operation, low failure rate and long service life.

2, using the Swiss maxon vibrating knife: small vibration, low noise, long life, high speed, the edge of the cutting material is smoother.

3, using Taiwan Yintai linear guide: high-precision linear guide, so that the equipment operates more smoothly, faster operation.

4. Adopting all-aluminum adsorption platform: all-aluminum adsorption platform, high precision, long life, not easy to be denatured, corrosion-resistant, multi-zone suction system, ensuring better adsorption effect.

5, imported feed felt, good ventilation, strong material adhesion, high softness, strong and durable.

6, security system: has a highly sensitive security anti-collision system, to ensure that the machine in the high-speed work to ensure the safety of operators.

Optional tools:

1. Vibrating knife tool: It is widely used for non-metallic flexible materials such as: xpe, sponge composite leather, leather leather, wire ring foot pad, pvc soft glass, silicone rubber, rubber material, etc. It is mainly used in the foot pad industry.

2, flying knife tools: mainly used to cut car seat covers, leather, imitation leather, sofa fabrics, cotton linen, silicone, rubber materials, etc., mainly for seat covers, clothing fabric industry.

3, punching tool: punching knife is mainly used for punching positioning, mainly for materials: leather leather, fiber products, cotton and linen materials, cashmere products, etc.

Technical parameters / model: M1-2516 (feeding)

Multi-function machine head Vibrating knife, flying knife, punching knife, a variety of tools can be optional, or you can load more than one tool at the same time
Standard configuration Flying knife, punching knife, pen, infrared positioning
Safety equipment The safety anti-collision system adopts infrared induction, which is quick and responsive, safe and reliable.
Maximum speed 1500mm/s
Cutting the smallest circle diameter 10mm
Cutting thickness 20mm
Repeatability ≤0.1mm
Effective processing area(mm) 2500x1600mm
Cutting material Leather, leather, imitation leather, fiber fabric, cotton linen material, etc.
Cutting tool Swiss maxon high horsepower flying knife
Drive rail Taiwan Yintai PMI Guide
Material fixing method Vacuum adsorption
Adsorption table All aluminum adsorption platform
Drive motor Japan Fuji servo motor
CNC panel LCD display and touch screen buttons
Transmission interface Ethernet
Working voltage and power AC220v±10%50Hz  Fan 380v±10%50Hz
Overall size 3700mmx2270mmx1250mm


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